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Activated carbon adsorption desorption + RCO


XXX company's existing production workshop, production line for large volume gas of low concentration organic waste gas, will cause great harm to human health of environmental pollution discharged directly, XXX company attaches great importance to environmental protection, actively respond to the national environmental policy call, decided to collecting waste gas generated by the production line after treatment compliance after discharge. Now entrusted by XXX limited, our company will take a conscientious and responsible attitude and design a governance plan according to the relevant requirements of the national environmental protection, so as to make the pollution components meet the emission standard of the comprehensive emission standard for atmospheric pollutants (GB16297-1996).
After deep communication with customers, we use activated carbon adsorption desorption catalytic combustion method to deal with waste gas. This case is a set of activated carbon adsorption desorption catalytic combustion treatment system with a concentration of 200mg/ Nm3 and a 20 degree air volume 80000Nm3/h. After on-site installation and commissioning, the customer's problem is completely solved, and the inspection and treatment effect completely meets the environmental requirements.

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